About The Wanderlust Group

What we believe

Simply put, we believe that the world would be a better place if people spent more time outdoors, connected to nature and each other. Research backs that up. Spending time outside has been connected to a greater commitment to the environment, better mental health and stronger physical health. We build technology that connects adventurers to destinations and that helps those same destinations grow.

What we're building

The Touchless  Wallet of The Adventurer
We process the transactions of hundreds of thousands of boaters today. Not only will that number grow, their transaction types can diversify and expand to handle their full experience.

The Operating System of the Destination
Today we are the end-to-end operating system for thousands of marinas, tomorrow we can expand geographically and across verticals.

The Data Source of the Industry
By being the central system through which adventurers and destinations connect, we have the ability to map benchmarks, define standards and inform the larger industry.

The Marketplace of the Countless Others
When you bring people, providers, data, and transactions together a vibrant marketplace emerges.

Who we are

The Wanderlust Group is a collection of people who are committed to making it easier for the world to get outside and in nature.  

The idea for our first brand, Dockwa, came about, perhaps unsurprisingly, while one of our founders was on a boat. He wanted to pull into a marina, tie up, fuel up, visit the community, and eat lunch at a local restaurant. But when he tried to connect with the marina, the radio wasn’t getting through. There was no website. When he finally tracked down a number, it was busy. After dozens of attempts, he decided to do something else that day. The experience really stuck with him. These businesses have 10-weeks out of the year to make money, how could they afford not to answer the phone or have a website? 

So Dockwa started as a way to make booking slips easier at marinas.  It mirrored booking functionality that boaters had grown used to in other aspects of their lives - reserving a restaurant time on OpenTable for example.  And for marinas, it opened them up to revenue that they were otherwise missing. 35% of our booking requests come in after the marina office is closed. Having a way to receive those inquiries 24 hours a day, seven days a week, makes a difference, not just to the marina but to the surrounding community. Those were our origins, since then we’ve expanded and evolved in scores of ways, but our commitment has remained. We think the best way to better the world is to get people out in it.