Gorgeous Views Await! How to Become a Digital Nomad

With remote and hybrid-style career opportunities on the rise, taking your work on the go is easier than ever (...after securing a solid wifi signal). Moreover, traveling while working remotely has redefined "work from home," enabling the digital nomad to travel far and wide.

Snagged yourself a sweet remote job? Awesome; breathtaking views are pending! Now that you’ve entered the world of remote work, you’ll find more flexibility and freedom in your workspace. Whether you’re a full-time digital nomad or looking to take a mid-week trip for a change of scenery, the opportunities are endless when you rethink what “home” and “travel” could mean on your behalf. Read on to learn more!

What is a digital nomad? 

digital nomad | noun

  1. a person who earns a living working online in various locations of their choosing (rather than a fixed business location).

Have you dreamed of working from a national park? Or perhaps from your boat? Becoming a digital nomad can make it possible! By working online, you gain the flexibility to travel and work simultaneously, replacing your typical morning office commute with an impromptu adventure route of your choice. 

However, the intensity by which you pursue your newfound digital nomadism can vary. For many, having no home base and traveling all the time may be stressful and not the enjoyable experience that would make it worth it. Others may be unable to balance the cost of frequent travel with the comforts of a permanent home. A digitally nomadic lifestyle looks different for everyone, and you'll find the best approach to making it work is to cater to your specific needs.


One type of digital nomad is the “slow-mad.” As the name suggests, slow-madism offers a slower-paced, digitally nomadic lifestyle. By traveling leisurely, remote workers can enjoy the freedom of movement with the stability of being in a particular place for a more extended period. This lifestyle can be an excellent way to ease into nomad life, as it allows you to explore new places while providing locational stability. 

Home Base

We know what you’re thinking. “Didn’t you just say that the whole point of digital nomadism is not to be stuck in one place?” Well, sort of… Let us clarify; the point of digital nomadism is to have the freedom to move around, and if having a home base AND traveling is a more comfortable option, we say go for it! Some people may want or need to have a home base to feel secure while still having the opportunity to travel wherever and whenever they want. 

So, what does it mean to have a home base? Once again, as the name suggests, having a home base means you have a centralized location that you can always return to, regardless of where and when you travel. Although this option comes with the price tags known as rent or mortgage, property tax, insurance, etc., it offers more flexibility and security.


Fly like a bird, take to the sky. Well, not literally. These digital nomads get their name from their avian tendencies to flock to the warmer locations as colder weather rolls in. Like migratory birds, snowbirds often head south (or wherever the warm weather is) to escape the winters of their home territories.

Although the term has historically applied to retired individuals headed to Florida during the winters, the snowbirding demographic has shifted with more remote workers. So, if you dread snow shoveling and scratchy wool sweaters, you can trade in your snowshoes for flips flops; the snowbirding lifestyle might be for you!

Weekend Warrior

Some companies will only legally hire from specific regions or countries for legal purposes. You'll need to check with your company first on your job's adaptability to the road and any restrictions on location or time spent nomading. Depending on how long you stay somewhere, you may have tax implications yourself to consider.

If you can’t or are just not quite ready for the above options, that’s okay. For many, the ability to take the weekends to explore can be just as exciting and fulfilling. Plus, it’s a low risk way to give nomad life a shot! 

And as a remote or hybrid worker (Summer Fridays count too!), you can make a move to enjoy the weekend a bit earlier. For example, work from the campground or your beach house on Friday and beat the weekend traffic. Just ensure you’ve got a reliable wifi connection and a few back-up options. (If you need more information on that, check out this blog post.)

We take full advantage of our weekends at The Wanderlust Group to explore during our extended weekends. In fact, at The Wanderlust Group we're set up to be adaptable to a range of digital nomad working styles. (Want to learn more about working for us? Visit our careers page.)

So, If you’re looking for an epic adventure, remote work can open the door to a digitally nomadic lifestyle. As a snowbird, weekend warrior, or slow-mad, the opportunities for more travel and adventures are endless, and, as always, The Wanderlust Group is here to help find more time and ways to wander.